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NOT Just a Great Neighborhood Soup Shop

Our mission at the copper kettle is to provide quick, healthy, comfort food that warms the soul & feeds the body.  

Soup is the perfect headliner and we have almost 100 delicious recipes... but we offer gourmet sandwiches & specialties, as well!  We also offer an array of home-made confections that will make a perfect gift for anyone special... including yourself!  And, of course, drop-off/pick-up catering and small event catering are also available

Our inspiration is the traditional home-cooked meals we grew up with... the ones our families have passed down through generations.   But, we also add other favorite dishes that we have come to love.  And... because our limited menu gives us freedom to experiment, we are always up for creating something new!

As our menu changes daily, we post them, each morning, on the story sections of our Instagram and Facebook sites.

So, stop in... say hi... pick up some good food... and get back to work, home or wherever.

We look forward to cooking for you!

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